Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chickenpox has Hit the Household

The Kid has the chickenpox. :( We are not a happy family. So close to the holidays makes it a little worse. The Kid will be fine, but tonight he is miserable.

I purchased an American Crafts Christmas kit from here and was excited to use it with photos of The Kid's first Christmas. We can't travel to visit my family because The Niece has not had her chickenpox vaccination yet. We are planning on celebrating once The Kid feels better - maybe in January. My Parents are going to keep their tree up and we will just pretend that it is Christmas in January so we can have The Kid's first Christmas. I need to take lots of photos so I can use the new Christmas goodies I just got in the mail today!

Send good thoughts to The Kid for a speedy recovery.

The end.

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