Friday, January 15, 2010

What has been going on....

Well, The Kid's chickenpox got infected and he had to go to the hospital for four days. That was not fun. He was so miserable and sad and was not eating anything. He is almost back to 100%. He has a couple more infected pox areas that need to heal up and then he will be good as gold!

We were unable to spend Christmas with any family, so we will be having The Kid's 'first' Christmas at the end of January.

We recently joined a local mommies group and will be meeting up with them next week. Excited to get out during the colder months and do some fun stuff.

I have been slacking off on the crafty stuff - with a sick baby and really no place to craft it has been slow. I have been buying lots of stuff though. You never know when the urge to get creative will hit and you will need stuff! I just saw the cutest project here and want to try it. So simple and easy and definitely something I can do once The Kid has gone to sleep. I think I will head over to Target today to see if I can find any of the little mailboxes.

The end

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